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Athletic Training Services
The Athletic training services at Neumann College are provided by Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, PA. The Athletic Training Staff is medically supervised by Team Physicians. Consultants in orthopedics, podiatry, dentistry and pharmacy are available to the program. All medical care will be performed under the auspices of the team physician. Any need for outside consultations will be determined by the certified athletic trainers and the team physicians.

The athletic training staff seeks to provide quality healthcare with respect to the Franciscan Tradition and the mission of Neumann College. The goal is to promote a positive atmosphere for healing while valuing the inherent dignity of human beings regardless of individual differences.

Training Room Hours of Operation

Training room hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Friday 1pm until the last scheduled event/practice
  • Other hours by appointment only
  • Weekends are reserved for event coverage unless approved practices are scheduled
  • Training Room Policies and Procedures  

    1. Report all injuries and sicknesses first to the Sports Medicine Clinic or to the staff athletic trainers. Athletes injured or sick and unable to practice should check with the full-time staff athletic trainers for daily prescribed activity. (NOTE: In-season athletic teams will be given first priority in the clinic)
    2. Shower prior to receiving treatment. Dry off before entering the Sports Medicine Clinic or Athletic Training room.
    3. Wear shorts in the Clinic or Athletic Training room. (NOTE: Special wraps require shorts to be worn in certain instances.)
    4. Cleats, spikes or turf shoes will not be worn in the Clinic or the Athletic Training room.
    5. All shoes will be kept off treatment tables.
    6. The Sports Medicine Clinic and the Athletic Training room will not be used as a dressing room so keep equipment out.
    7. The Sports Medicine Clinic and Athletic Training room is for prevention, care, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries only! It is not a social club.
    8. Profanity is not acceptable in the Sports Medicine Clinic and/or Athletic Training room.
    9. Replace items to their proper place after using.
    10. Clinic and Athletic Training room cleanliness is imperative to its function! Please help to keep it clean.
    11. Athletes should make requests for special needs well in advance of any trips.
    12. No self-service! Ask one of the Sports Medicine staff members for what you want and/or need.
    13. No food or drinks are permitted in the Sports Medicine Clinic or the Athletic Training room.
    14. Tobacco: No spittoons of any kind are permitted in the Clinic or the Athletic Training room; expectorating into trash cans is forbidden!
    15. Office is off limits, except for Sports Medicine business. Athletes will be invited to enter the office.
    16. Telephones are off limits, except for Sports Medicine business. No exceptions!
    17. Medical kits and cabinets are off limits except to Sports Medicine staff.
    18. Stereo and/or TV is off limits to everyone - no exceptions!
    19. Students (and athletes) are to stay out of the Storage Room, unless you have been given permission to enter by one of the full-time faculty/staff members.
    20. Sports Medicine Clinic hours will be posted or by special arrangement with a staff ATC and all athletes are expected to be there if treatment is needed. The Head Coach will be notified if treatments are missed! (NOTE: Come to the Clinic only during posted hours or during appointment times)
    21. If there is a problem you would like to discuss, please see the Sports Medicine staff for advising, consultation and/or referral. All meetings will be kept strictly confidential!
    22. No one is ever late for practice because he/she was detained in the Clinic.

    Injury Reporting Policy and Procedure

    1. All injuries and illnesses related to Neumann College athletics must be reported to the athletic training staff.
    2. An athlete may go to the hospital for care if there is an emergency AND:
      1. the training room is closed
      2. the athlete is traveling with an athletic team
      3. an athletic trainer is unavailable
    3. An athlete who needs to see a physician for an athletically related injury or illness must be referred by the Certified Athletic Trainers. Athletes who arbitrarily see a physician without a referral from a certified Athletic Trainer may have to assume the financial responsibility for any bills incurred.

    Insurance Policy and Procedures

    1. All students participating in intercollegiate athletics MUST have primary insurance coverage. Proof of insurance MUST be on file in the athletic training room PRIOR to any athletic participation.
    2. Students are responsible for presenting current proof of insurance yearly.
    3. Students are responsible for notifying the Head Athletic Trainer of any and all changes in insurance status (plan change, primary physician changes, discontinuation of coverage [due to loss of job, age limitations, etc.], etc.)
    4. Claims are to be processed in the following manner:
      1. A member of the Athletic Training staff will assist the student with completion of a claim form from the college's secondary insurance carrier.
      2. The medical claim is first submitted to the athlete's primary insurance company.
      3. Once the claim has been accepted, denied or partially paid by the primary insurance the claim is then processed through the athletic department's insurance. The student is to provide the Athletic Trainer with the associated bills and the Explanation of Benefits statements from the primary insurance company.
      4. Athletes with an HMO, PPO, or HAP insurance will have to provide the name of their primary care physician on the Insurance Information Form. The athlete needs to understand that delays in their care may occur if they do not provide this information, and they may need to report to that primary care physician in the event of an injury.
      5. Athletes with pre-existing condition, or injuries that occur not as a direct result of varsity athletic competition, will NOT be covered by the athletic department's insurance policy. This is a regulation of the insurance company and not the athletic department.


    The athletic training service's main office is located in Living and Learning Center II. All treatments and therapy will be performed at the main office unless otherwise noted. There are two auxiliary rooms which are used for game day events (volleyball, basketball, ice hockey). One is located in the Bruder gymnasium and the other in Rink 3 at Ice Works Arena.


    1. Head Athletic Trainer
      1. responsible for overseeing all aspects of athletic training operations
      2. manage college secondary insurance
      3. supervise assistants
      4. supervise student athletic trainers
      5. sport coverage - game and practice
      6. ACI for Athletic Training Education program
      7. Curriculum Committee person for Athletic Training Education program
      8. other duties as assigned by Athletic Director
    2. Assistant Athletic Trainer Full-time
      1. assist head athletic trainer with managing daily training room operations
      2. site coordinator for all Ice Hockey related injuries, rehabilitation, coverage (home and away), rink training room maintenance, etc.
      3. fall and spring sport coverage as assigned - game and practice
      4. d. supervises student athletic trainers
      5. e. ACI for Athletic Training Education program
      6. f. assist coaching staff with development of strength and conditioning programs
      7. other duties as assigned by head athletic trainer
    3. Assistant Athletic Trainer Part-time
      1. assist head athletic trainer with managing daily training room operations
      2. travel with ice hockey team as assigned
      3. practice coverage as needed and assigned
      4. other duties as assigned

    Neumann College Athletics
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