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Sponsorship Information

For More Information Contact:
Chuck Sack

Sponsorship Opportunities
  • The Neumann Advantage
  • Publications
  • Signage
  • Media Advertising

  • The Neumann Advantage
    The Neumann College Athletic Department provides several distinct advantages to you and your organization. The first is commitment. The Athletic Department staff is committed to give you outstanding customer service. One of the pillars of tradition at Neumann College is the Franciscan values of hospitality. The Athletic Department seeks to provide a wonderful and truly hospitable experience to you and your organization.

    The second advantage to partner with the Neumann College Athletic Department is the flexibilty to design a program that meets your needs. The Athletic Department offers customizable sponsorship packages tailored to meet your expectations.

    The geographic footprint of Neumann College is continuing to grow. As a growing regional college, Neumann's alumni and student population continue to expand throughout New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. With such a diverse population a partnership with Neumann offers opportunities to reach the Main Line, New Jersey's beaches and New York City.

    Neumann's campus is a culture filled with energy and enthusiasm. The diversity of students who make up our population helps create this positive and constructive energy. At the same time it allows opportunities to reach out to targeted populations.

    Neumann's personal service is second to none. The desire to serve others, help others and create a positive, constructive and hospitable environment is our goal. The entire campus looks forward to serving you as a partner with the Athletic Department.

    Neumann College Athletics Sponsorship
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